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Skimming / Re-skim

If you have been modernising your house and have found that once the wallpaper, tiles, other wall coverings have been removed there may well be loose plaster, cracked and damaged, or patches were the plaster may have completely come away. To recover the walls or ceiling back to an original state a re-skim will be required in most cases, this will give your new decor whether it be paint or feature covering to have a perfect smooth finish to complete the rooms look. If you are looking to revamp or repair any walls and ceilings then get in touch for competitive quote.

Skimming over artex

With artex been a through back from previous decades there is now a call for the smoother modern look which promotes the colour choices of the room. We offer a full re-skimming service to cover over any unwanted artex finish or pattern. The process is really down to the condition of the wall or ceiling and the covering artex itself, we would access the condition and on that respect a quote would be given for a skim process over the artex. If the condition of the artex has degraded then we would have to scrap back to a suitable surface to prepare for the skimming.

If the artex is in good condition we would still have to scrap back any raised points in the covering to give us a good reasonable even surface to start from. If your walls or ceilings were artexed before 2000 then there may be a slight chance that it may contain a small amount of asbestos, this would need to be verified onsite before any scrapping back or removal of the artex. The whole process once started will always need a good quality coat of PVA to seal the surface to which the plaster will adhere, to prevent the moister been rapidly absorbed from the plaster . Two coats of plaster would be skimmed to give an overall professional finish and high quality look. All quotes given are with no obligation and can be arranged via email or phone for a booked appointment. If you are unsure of what you need or what best suites the job we are also happy to give our expertise advice free of charge.

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